Garden Pond Design

When creating a garden pond design careful attention should be paid to the positioning of the pond within the garden, as well as the style and its purpose. Try and position the pond so that it is receives sun light for at least half the day as this encourages the growth and flowering of most water plants, especially lilies. Where possible, avoid overhanging trees as their leaves and blossom will fall in and need to be routinely removed. Leaves from some trees such as willow, elder, oak, yew, poplars and laburnums are also highly toxic.

Also important is the need for a balanced eco system, this can be achieved through the adoption of various techniques such as good marginal planting and gravel beds, or the use of pumps and filters. Should the installation of a pump be required then the services of a suitably qualified electrician should be sort.

Careful attention and consideration should be taken when designing specialised ponds such as Koi ponds as these have their own specific requirements, which should be taken into account.