Water Features & Lighting

Nothing brings a garden to life as effectively as water whether it is still or moving. It does not necessarily have to be a pond or pool, there are many options available including children friendly features. However it is important that the chosen feature compliments the style of garden.

There are many materials available when constructing different styles of water feature from preformed pools and reservoirs, to varying quality of liners used to form large ponds or lakes. When considering the installation of any type of water feature it is important to research it thoroughly.

It is not merely a matter of installation of the water feature but also the need to plan for a healthy and balanced water system designed specifically for the needs of whoever is to enjoy the pool – plants, fish, wildlife or people, or some combination of these parties.

Lighting can extend the enjoyment of the garden well into the evening, and can be used to dramatic effect for highlighting features within the garden. It is important when incorporating lighting into the garden that the fixtures and fittings are suitable for the area, and that it is installed and checked by a qualified tradesperson.