Pergolas, Arches and Arbours

The introduction of pergolas, arches and arbours into a garden brings with it not only a place which to grow climbers, but also a vertical dimension to the garden, there by adding additional interest to the area. Pergolas and arches are primarily concerned with sub-dividing the garden, or providing a walkway or an entry point into another part of the garden. In comparison arbours are static and provide a place to sit in contemplation and drink in the joys of the garden. They are place in which to rest and shelter, and almost invariably are used as a focal point in the garden.

Both bricks and timber can be used in the construction of these structures, however it is important that any timbers are pressured treated and are physically strong. When selecting climbing plants consider the amount of space required when the plant reaches maturity and ensure that the space available within the structure is sufficient enough to meet this demand.