Structures can be used within the garden to add a vertical dimension and are useful for drawing the eye. This can be achieved by incorporating structures such as buildings, pergolas, arches and arbours as well as the planting of trees or large shrubs. Buildings provide the added benefit of providing an area under which to shelter and entertain, whilst pergolas can be used to frame a walkway or a point of entry into another part of the garden. The materials used for the creation of such structures is dependent upon garden style, space and budget, however there are a number of materials are available.

One such material is timber, timberwork provides great versality and dependent upon the type of wood chosen can blend well with many styles of architecture and is particularly effective set amongst trees. However it is important that the timber construction is in keeping with the style of the garden, and should reflect materials used in other parts of the garden, for example rustic timber would be more appropriate for a cottage style garden rather than a modern garden. For gardens where timber is not appropriate other materials are available such as metal, render block work, hardwood, or wrought iron.