Planting adds the finishing touch to any garden and can influence the atmosphere and mood. The type of planting chosen is dependent upon soil conditions, lighting and the amount of space available as well as garden style, for example when planting a contemporary garden the different varieties of plants should be restricted.

The creation of a planting plan can provide a blueprint of the areas and assist in making decisions over the choice of plants before purchasing them.

When selecting plants it is important to maintain an awareness of shape, form and the final size of the plant, as well considering how the plants will interact when planted together. Consider too the overall balance and proportion of colours, too much contrast can make a scheme appear harsh and busy. Hot bright colours can also appear to reduce distance, whilst pastel colours will appear to retreat into the distance. For all year round interest consider a balance of evergreens and deciduous as well as the flowering periods of plants, and the use of shrubs or trees for autumn and winter colour.