Paving & Patios

A vast variety of options are available for use when creating paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios and steps, these include natural stone, precast concrete, pebbles, natural and artificial sets/ paviours. The choice of material is dependent upon the ways in which areas of the garden are to be used and the desired look. Multiple materials can be used however care should be taken not to over complicate the design.

Dependent of upon the quality of the chosen product, when laid well laid the finished surface should last many years. There are some basic rules which must be followed when laying any form of paving.

  • Paving should be laid on a minimum of 100mm of compacted sub-base
  • It is important that any hard surface falls gently from the building for drainage purposes ideally into a planted area
  • The finished hard surface should be at least 150mm below dpc
  • Paving should never be laid over a manhole or drain
  • Some driveways may required planning permission. Check with your local authority or click here to visit the planning portal.