Terrace Garden Design

A terrace garden design can describe two different styles of garden, a small terrace garden consisting predominantly of paving, or the use of terracing in a sloped garden to create areas of level ground.

For a small terrace garden design paving is used to optimise the available entertaining area, however it is important when creating the design to add interest and contrast.

This can be achieved using various techniques such as using two types of material which contrast in colour for the paving (e.g. slabs and block paviors), or creating pockets of planting areas within the paving, or using pots or structures to add colour and interest.

For a sloped garden a terrace garden design can create the opportunity to create exciting features such as steps, dynamic water features, and tiered planting areas. When designing and creating such gardens careful attention should be paid to how steep the garden is and will influence the overall design.