Garden Design

Gardens are places where people can have the greatest control; it is our own space where we can create something unique and unusual. All of which can sound very exciting, however it is not without its pitfalls.

A garden is not simply a collection of individuals features, each of which looks impressive in its own right, but as a whole do not complement each other. Nor should it be created from a selection of random purchases made during a visit to a garden centre. To serve you properly, and reflect the needs of you and your family it needs to be planned with care and thought. The beauty of garden design is that it allows you to collate your ideas on paper with the aid of a skilled and impartial garden designer, before incurring any construction costs which can lead to costly mistakes or reworks.

From the initial survey we work closely with our clients to capture their thoughts, desires and needs, then translate this information to create detailed hand-drawn scaled designs of the new garden. When returning designs clients have always been surprised and excited to see exactly what is possible to create within their own space, and in nearly all cases the design has exceeded their expectations.

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