Small Garden Decking

Where space is limited in a small garden decking can provide a way  of extending the indoor living space into the outdoors, especially if wooden flooring is used with in the house. There are two traditional decking options, hardwood and softwood decking, however nowadays a variety of other options  are also available:

Plastic decking is available made from recycled products and provides the look of timber decking

Softwood decking provides a cost effective option however regulars regular maintenance to ensure that the deck endures over time

Hardwood decking is a warm and welcoming material and has high endurance, however it is slightly more expensive than softwood.

A sense of space can also be achieved by changing the direction of the decking boards, or using angles, by using these techniques attention can be diverted from space-derived areas by manipulating the eye away.

Decking also has the added benefit of warming up early in the day and early in the season when compared to paving. This provides an added benefit were space is very limited as bean bags or throw cushions can be used for seating.