Design and Staged transformation of a long garden in Lincoln

Transformation of neglected long garden into a beautiful area providing wheel chair bound customer with an area to enjoy

The Approach

The client wanted to transform her long and unused garden into an area which both herself and husband could enjoy. Accessibility around the garden was key as one of the couple’s means of mobility was by wheelchair. Due to the size of the garden the transformation needed to be able to be phased over two years as funding would allow.

The Construction

The first and important step was to start on paper. This allowed the whole garden to be designed ensuring that it worked as one, and taking into account the customer requirements with respect budget restrictions and accessibility.

The design broke the long garden into two areas which whilst discrete in their own right, complemented each other. The added benefit of the design was the ability to accurately cost the construction work and therefore ensure alignment with the customer’s available budget.

Working in this manner enabled the area to the immediate rear of the property to be constructed thereby providing a place in the couple could sit and enjoy with friends and family. This proved to be transformative for the husband who had been previously restricted to the house due to the inaccessibility and hazards in the garden. Now he had a place that he could venture out to and enjoy without his carer being concerned about his safety.

The Outcome

A year later the second phase of the construction was completed when budget allowed, completing the transformation of a previously hazardous and uninspiring garden in to a place of enjoyment and relaxation.